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Swati Dutta MD

Basal Cell Carcinoma on the left side of the nose treated with MOHS.

What is Xoft Skin eBx?

The Xoft® Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx®) System® enables us to offer noninvasive skin cancer treatment in the office under the direction of Board-certified Radiation Oncologist, Swati Dutta, MD. eBx simplifies the surface radiation process with improved targeting of the tumor site using a direct contact applicator. The low-energy X-rays generated by the miniaturized source decrease exposure to healthy adjacent tissues. With the ability to treat fields up to 5cm in diameter to a depth of 5 mm, the vast majority of early (T1-2) non-melanoma skin cancers can be treated using this system.

In addition to Dr. Dutta, our eBx team is comprised of radiation therapists Kate Masters RT(T)(ARRT), Hiba Faraj RT(T)(ARRT), and Debbie Gedert RT(T)(ARRT), medical physicists through Precision Physics, Inc and assistant S. Natasha. Treatments are delivered twice per week (typically Mondays and Wednesdays) for four to five weeks. Since initiating the program in January, 2015, we have treated over 500 lesions with excellent local control and cosmetic results. Patients are closely followed by Drs. Moulton and Dutta, who collaborate directly to ensure optimal patient selection and management.

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Discussion with a patient who underwent MOHs and eBx for two skin cancers on her nose

Q: Can you please let us know what your expectations and experiences were when you had the Mohs surgeries and other surgeries on one side of your nose and then the electronic brachytherapy on the other side?
A: I had the Mohs and two other surgeries (left side of Ala) following. I was very sick from the anesthesia, was limited for 8 weeks (could not work) and got very sick a week after. Anyone who doesn't want to be limited should do the radiation.

Q: What was your experience with radiation (right ala)?
A: It was awesome. No limitations, you come and go as you please - no need to depend on anyone. And the pictures speak for itself. I had no side effects.

Q: In terms of the cosmetic outcome radiation vs surgery, which do you prefer?
A: Radiation. It is awesome. Its gone. It worked. The pictures show that. I would recommend it.

A patient developed two Basal cell skin cancers on either side of her nose and gave us her opinion of the treatment options. She had Mohs microsurgery followed by a skin graft on the left side of her nose. She was then diagnosed with a second skin cancer on the right side of her nose, and she underwent electronic brachytherapy. She said of her experience with Mohs microsurgery was she was very sick from the anesthesia, was limited for 8 weeks (could not work) and got very sick. "Anyone who doesn't want to be limited should do the radiation", she stated.

What did she say of her experience with electronic brachytherapy (eBx radiation)? "It was awesome!" She appreciated that there were no limitations and stated "you come and go as you please without the need to depend on anyone" during treatment. She experienced no side effects of the treatment.The patient stated that radiation therapy would be her preference, if the need should arise. "Its gone. It worked. The pictures show that. I would recommend it."

Basal Cell Carcinoma on the right side of the nose treated with eBx.

Dr. Dutta earned her Bachelor of Science and doctorate at the University of Michigan. She interned at the Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago, IL and completed her residency at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL, where she was the chief resident in the radiation oncology department. Dr. Dutta worked for 14 years as a radiation oncologist at the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital (SJMH) in Ann Arbor. She has extensive experience in the treatment of cancer with external beam radiotherapy and cyberknife radiosurgery.  She spent several years at Oakwood Hospital and Wayne State University Hospital.

Dr. Dutta is certified by the American Board of Radiology and is a member of ASTRO (American Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology).

She is a world traveller, an avid tennis player and gardener.  And she most enjoys yoga and spending time with her nieces and nephew.  

Actual Patient after eBx and MOHS treatments.